Travelling to Barcelona

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The city has an excellent network of flights specially to Spanish and European cities. Barcelona Airport is located south-west of the city of Barcelona, 12 Km (20/30 minutes) from the city and connected by train, metro and bus. 

Aerobús is the official shuttle bus service that connects Barcelona Airport (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2) with the city center (Pl. Catalunya) in 35 minutes. It stops at the most strategic points in Barcelona: Pl. Espanya, Gran Via-Urgell, Pl. Universidad and Pl. Catalunya and runs every day of the year with departures every 5 minutes. From 5.90€.

Taxis from Barcelona Airport to city center don’t have a fixed rate, and many variables need to be considered (traffic density, supplements, schedules, etc.). A taxi between the airport and the venue might charge around 30€.

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The land communications are basically designed on the network of motorways, which radiate towards the most important economic areas of the rest of Spain and connect with the French motorway system to the rest of Europe.

A 17-7 Motorway from Barcelona to the French Border (163 km)
A 7 Motorway from Barcelona to the rest of Spain (Madrid 621 km, Valencia 350 km, Zaragoza 300 km)




Barcelona is also an important railway link, connected favourably with the rest of Spain and with Europe which constitutes an advantageous link in the intermodal transport chain with regard to obtaining the greatest efficiency at a low cost.

With regard to Spain, Barcelona is connected daily with trains of the catalan Express network to and from Girona, Tarragona, Lleida and the most important cities in the belt of the catalan capital.

Barcelona is also perfectly connected with Castellón, Valencia and Alicante with the Euromed (high speed train for the mediteranean corridor), and with Zaragoza and Madrid with the Talgo VII and Hotel train (travelling by night).

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