List of Accepted Papers

ICDM 2016 Accepted Papers

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Short Papers


PhD Forum

DM248 “Visualization of Salient Subsequences in Time Series”
Chin-Chia Michael Yeh, Helga Van Herle, and Eamonn Keogh

DM257 “A Scalable and Generic framework to Mine Top-k Representative Subgraph Patterns”
Dheepikaa Natarajan and Sayan Ranu

DM267 “CoreScope: Graph Mining Using k-Core Analysis – Patterns, Anomalies, and Algorithms”
Kijung Shin, Tina Eliassi-Rad, and Christos Faloutsos

DM273 “Probabilistic-Mismatch Anomaly Detection: Do one’s Medications Match with the Diagnoses?”
Lingxiao Zhang, Xiang Li, Heifeng Liu, Jing Mei, Gang Hu, Junfeng Zhao, Bing Xie, and Guotong Xie

DM274 “Regularized Large Margin Distance Metric Learning”
Ya Li, Xinmei Tian, and Dacheng Tao

DM319 “Mining Graphlet Counts in Online Social Networks”
Xiaowei Chen and John C. S. Lui

DM327 “Robust Multi-View Feature Selection”
Hongfu Liu, Haiyi Mao, and Yun Fu

DM336 “Iteratively Reweighted Least Squares Algorithms for L1-Norm Principal Component Analysis”
Young Woong Park and Diego Klabjan

DM364 “Beyond Points and Paths: Counting Private Bodies”
Maryam Fanaeepour and Benjamin Rubinstein

DM373 “Transfer Learning for Survival Analysis via Efficient L2,1-norm Regularized Cox Regression”
Yan Li, Lu Wang, Jie Wang, Jieping Ye, and Chandan Reddy

DM377 “Bi-level Rare Temporal Pattern Detection”
Dawei Zhou, Jingrui He, Yu Cao, and Jae-sun Seo

DM383 “Heterogeneous Representation Learning with Structured Sparsity Regularization”
Pei Yang and Jingrui He

DM386 “Reliable Gender Prediction Based on Users’ Video Viewing Behavior”
Jie Zhang, Kuang Du, Ruihua Cheng, Zhi Wei, Chenguang Qin, Huaxin You, and Sha Hu

DM389 “Triply Stochastic Variational Inference for Non-linear Beta Process Factor Analysis”
Kai Fan, Yizhe Zhang, and Katherine Heller

DM418 “KNN classifier with self adjusting memory for heterogeneous concept drift”
Viktor Losing, Barbara Hammer, and Heiko Wersing

DM422 “On Dense Subgraphs in Signed Network Streams”
Jose Cadena, Anil Vullikanti, and Charu Aggarwal

DM424 “Waddling Random Walk: Fast and Accurate Mining of Motif Statistics in Large Graphs”
Guyue Han and Harish Sethu

DM436 “Differentially Private Regression Diagnostics”
Yan Chen, Ashwin Machanavajjhala, Jerome Reiter, and Andres Barrientos

DM453 “Partition Aware Connected Component Computation in Distributed Systems”
Ha-Myung Park, Namyong Park, Sung-Hyon Myaeng, and U Kang

DM460 “A Bayesian Nonparametric Approach to Dynamic Dyadic Data Prediction”
Fengyuan Zhu, Guangyong Chen, and Pheng-Ann Heng

DM500 “Adaptive Neighborhood Propagation by Joint L2,1-norm Regularized Sparse Coding for Representation and Classification”
Lei Jia, Zhao Zhang, Lei Wang, Weiming Jiang, and Mingbo Zhao

DM505 “Vote-and-Comment: Modeling the Coevolution of User Interactions in Social Voting Web Sites”
Alceu Ferraz Costa, Agma Juci Machado Traina, Caetano Traina Jr., and Christos Faloutsos

DM514 “Random Walk with Restart over Dynamic Graphs”
Weiren Yu and Weiren Yu

DM525 “Unsupervised Exceptional Attributed Sub-graph Mining in Urban Data”
Anes Bendimerad, Marc Plantevit, and Céline Robardet

DM535 “POI Recommendation: A Temporal Matching between POI Popularity and User Regularity”
Zijun Yao, Yanjie Fu, Bin Liu, Yanchi Liu, and Hui Xiong

DM544 “Multi-resolution Spatial Event Forecasting in Social Media”

Liang Zhao, Feng Chen, Chang-Tien Lu, and Naren Ramakrishnan

DM554 “Efficient Rectangular Maximal-Volume Algorithm for Rating Elicitation in Collaborative Filtering”
Alexander Fonarev, Alexander Mikhalev, Gleb Gusev, Ivan Oseledets, and Pavel Serdyukov

DM558 “Regularizing Deep Convolutional Neural Networks with a Structured Decorrelation Constraint”
Wei Xiong, Bo Du, Lefei Zhang, and Dacheng Tao

DM567 “Time Series Motifs: Exploiting a Novel Algorithm and GPUs to break the one Hundred Million Barrier”
Yan Zhu, Zachary Zimmerman, Nader Shakibay Senobari, Chin-Chia Michael Yeh, Gareth Funning, Abdullah Mueen, Philip Brisk, and Eamonn Keogh

DM613 “Traffic Speed Prediction and Congestion Source Exploration: A Deep Learning Method”
Jingyuan Wang, Qian Gu, Junjie Wu, Guannan Liu, and Zhang Xiong

DM615 “Modeling Ambiguity, Subjectivity, and Diverging Viewpoints in Opinion Question Answering Systems”
Mengting Wan and Julian McAuley

DM635 “Recommending Packages to Groups”
Shuyao Qi, Nikos Mamoulis, Evaggelia Pitoura, and Panayiotis Tsaparas

DM649 “The Optimal Distribution of Electric-Vehicle Chargers across A City”
Chen Liu, Ke Deng, Chaojie Li, Jianxin Li, Yanhua Li, and Jun Luo

DM661 “Homophily, Structure, and Content Augmented Network Representation Learning”
Daokun Zhang, Jie Yin, Xingquan Zhu, and Chengqi Zhang

DM663 “Fusing Similarity Models with Markov Chains for Sparse Sequential Recommendation”
Ruining He and Julian McAuley

DM687 “Edge Weight Prediction in Weighted Signed Networks”
Srijan Kumar, Francesca Spezzano, V.S. Subrahmanian, and Christos Faloutsos

DM706 “Streaming Model Selection via Online Factorized Asymptotic Bayesian Inference”
Liu Chunchen, Feng Lu, and Ryohei Fujimaki

DM714 “Model Accuracy and Runtime Tradeoff in Distributed Deep Learning: A Systematic Study”
Wei Zhang, Suyog Gupta, and Fei Wang

DM727 “ConTrack: A Scalable Method For Tracking Multiple Concepts In Large Scale Multidimensional”
Ali Zonoozi, Qirong Ho, Shonali Krishnaswamy, and Gao Cong

DM733 “Efficient Extraction of Non-negative Latent Factors from High-dimensional and Sparse Matrices”
Xin Luo, Mingsheng Shang, and Shuai Li

DM737 “Generalized Independent Subspace Clustering”
Wei Ye, Samuel Maurus, Nina Hubig, and Claudia Plant

DM762 “Hyperbolae Are No Hyperbole: Modelling Communities That Are Not Cliques”
Saskia Metzler, Stephan Günnemann, and Pauli Miettinen

DM767 “Auditing Black-box Models for Indirect Influence”
Philip Adler, Casey Falk, Sorelle Friedler, Gabriel Rybeck, Carlos Schedegger, Brandon Smith, and Suresh Venkatasubramanian

DM769 “College Student Scholarships and Subsidies Granting: A Multi-Modal Multi-Label Approach”
Han-Jia Ye, De-Chuan Zhan, Xiaolin Li, Zhen-Chuan Huang, and Yuan Jiang

DM787 “A Fast Iterative Algorithm for Improved Unsupervised Feature Selection”
Bruno Ordozgoiti, Sandra Gómez Canaval, and Alberto Mozo

DM799 “What Will You Gain By Rounding: Theory and Algorithms for Rounding Rank”
Stefan Neumann, Rainer Gemulla, and Pauli Miettinen

DM805 “TO BE OR NOT TO BE FRIENDS: Exploiting Social Ties for Venture Investments”
Hao Zhong, Chuanren Liu, Xinjiang Lu, and Hui Xiong

DM806 “Subspace Outlier Detection in Linear Time with Randomized Hashing”
Saket Sathe and Charu Aggarwal

DM807 “Predicting COPD Failure by Modeling Hazard in Longitudinal Clinical Data”
Jianfei Zhang, Shengrui Wang, Josiane Courteau, Lifei Chen, and Alain

DM821 “Causal Inference by Compression”
Kailash Budhathoki and Jilles Vreeken

DM850 “Asynchronous Multi-Task Learning”
Inci Baytas, Ming Yan, Anil Jain, and Jiayu Zhou

DM856 “An Augmented LSTM Framework to Construct Medical Self-diagnosis Android”
Chaochun Liu, Huan Sun, Nan Du, Shulong Tan, Hongliang Fei, Wei Fan, Tao Yang, Hao Wu, Yaliang Li, and Chenwei Zhang

DM862 “Inferring latent network from cascade data for dynamic social recommendation”
Qin Zhang, Jia Wu, Peng Zhang, Guodong Long, Ivor W. Tsang, and Chengqi

DM883 “Interactive Multi-Task Relationship Learning”
Kaixiang Lin and Jiayu Zhou

DM886 “Efficient Distributed SGD with Variance Reduction”
Soham De and Thomas Goldstein

DM890 “Group Preference Aggregation: A Nash Equilibrium Approach”
Hongke Zhao, Qi Liu, and Yong Ge

DM912 “On Efficient External-Memory Triangle Listing”
Yi Cui, Di Xiao, and Dmitri Loguinov

DM920 “Fast Warping Distance for Sparse Time Series”
Abdullah Mueen, Nikan Chavoshi, Noor Abu-El-Rub, Hossein Hamooni, and Amanda Minnich

DM931 “HogWild++: A New Mechanism for Decentralized Asynchronous Stochastic Gradient Descent”
Huan Zhang, Cho-Jui Hsieh, and Venkatesh Akella

DM932 “New Robust Clustering Model for Identifying Cancer Genome Landscapes”
hongchang gao, Xiaoqian Wang, and Heng Huang

DM949 “Event Series Prediction via Non-Homogeneous Poisson Process Modelling”
James Goulding, Simon Preston, and Gavin Smith

DM960 “ADAGIO: Fast Data-aware Near-Isometric Linear Embeddings”
Jaroslaw Blasiok and Charalampos Tsourakakis

DM966 “Binary Classifier Calibration using an Ensemble of Near Isotonic Regression Models”
Mahdi Pakdaman Naeini and Gregory Cooper

DM969 “From Sets of Good Redescriptions to Good Sets of Redescriptions”
Janis Kalofolias, Esther Galbrun, and Pauli Miettinen

DM975 “Sparse Factorization Machines for Click-through Rate Prediction”
Zhen Pan, Qi Liu, Tong Xu, Enhong Chen, Haiping Ma, and Hongjie Lin

DM976 “Convolutional MKL Based Multimodal Emotion Recognition and Sentiment Analysis”
Iti Chaturvedi, Soujanya Poria, and Erik Cambria

DM1003 “Aligned Matrix Completion: Integrating Consistency and Independency in Multiple Domains”
Linli Xu and Zaiyi Chen

DM1021 “Robust Graph-theoretic Clustering Approaches Using Node-Based Resilience Measures”
John Matta, Jeffrey Borwey, Tayo Obafemi-Ajayi, Donald Wunsch, and
Gunes Ercal

DM1024 “Fixing the Convergence Problems in Parallel Asynchronous Dual Coordinate Descent”
Huan Zhang and Cho-Jui Hsieh

DM1030 “Learning Hierarchically Decomposable Concepts with Active Over-Labeling”
Yuji Mo, Stephen Scott, and Doug Downey

DM1037 “Communities in Preference Networks: Refined Axioms and Beyond”
Gang Zeng, Yuyi Wang, Juhua Pu, Xingwu Liu, Xiaoming Sun, and Jialin Zhang

DM1047 “Relief of Spatiotemporal Accessibility Overloading with Optimal Resource Placement”
Chien-Wei Chang, Hao-Yi Chih, Dean Chou, Yu-Chen Shu, and Kun-Ta Chuang

DM1059 “Graph-Structured Sparse Optimization for Connected Subgraph Detection”
Baojian Zhou and Feng Chen

DM1060 “Measuring Patient Similarities via A Deep Architecture with Medical Concept Embedding”
Zihao Zhu, Changchang Yin, Yu Cheng, Jishang Wei, and Buyue Qian

DM1064 “Binding Pairwise Preferences of the Crowd into Rankings: A Thurstonian Approach”
Xiaolong Wang, Jingjing Wang, Jie Luo, Yi Chang, and Chengxiang Zhai

DM1065 “Unsupervised Feature Selection for Outlier Detection by Modelling Hierarchical Value-Feature Couplings”
Guansong Pang, Longbing Cao, Ling Chen, and Huan Liu

DM1085 “L-EnsNMF: Boosted Local Topic Discovery via Ensemble of Nonnegative Matrix Factorization”
Sangho Suh, Jaegul Choo, Joonseok Lee, and Chandan Reddy

DM1104 “New Probabilistic Multi-Graph Decomposition Model to Identify Consistent Human Brain Network Modules”
Heng Huang

DM221 “All Pairs Similarity Joins for Time Series Subsequences”
Chin-Chia Michael Yeh, Yan Zhu, Liudmila Ulanova, Nurjahan Begum, Yifei
Ding, Hoang Anh Dau, Diego Silva, Abdullah Mueen, and Eamonn Keogh

DM223 “Efficient and scalable detection of overlapping communities in big networks”
Tianshu Lyu, Lidong Bing, Zhao Zhang, and Yan Zhang

DM243 “EXTRACT: Strong Examples from Weakly-Labeled Sensor Data”
Davis Blalock and John Guttag

DM245 “Differential Location Privacy for Sparse Mobile Crowdsensing”
Leye Wang, Daqing Zhang, Dingqi Yang, Brian Y. Lim, and Xiaojuan Ma

DM254 “Structure-Preserved Multi-Source Domain Adaptation”
Hongfu Liu, Ming Shao, and Yun Fu

DM261 “Prefix and Suffix Invariant Dynamic Time Warping”
Diego Silva, Gustavo E.A.P.A. Batista, and Eamonn Keogh

DM268 “Modeling Real Estate for School District Identification”
Fei Tan, Chaoran Cheng, and Zhi Wei

DM282 “Context-aware Sequential Recommendation”
Qiang Liu, Shu Wu, and Liang Wang

DM287 “Steering Social Media Promotions with Effective Strategies”
Kun Kuang, Meng Jiang, Peng Cui, and Shiqiang Yang

DM291 “Regularized Content-Aware Tensor Factorization Meets Temporal-Aware Location Recommendation”
Defu Lian, Zhengyu Zhang, Yong Ge, Fuzheng Zhang, Nicholas Jing Yuan, and Xing Xie

DM292 “Mutual Reinforcement of Academic Performance Prediction and Library Book Recommendation”
Defu Lian, Qi Liu, Wenya Zhu, Xing Xie, and Hui Xiong

DM295 “Frequent Sequence Mining with Subsequence Constraints”
Kaustubh Beedkar and Rainer Gemulla

DM328 “Fractality of Massive Graphs: Scalable Analysis with Sketch-Based Box-Covering Algorithm”
Takuya Akiba, Kenko Nakamura, and Taro Takaguchi

DM332 “Factorizing Complex Discrete Data “with Finesse””
Samuel Maurus and Claudia Plant

DM337 “A Fast Factorization-based Approach to Robust Principal Component Analysis”
Chong Peng, Zhao Kang, and Qiang Cheng

DM347 “Learning Task Relational Structure for Multi-Task Feature Learning”
De Wang, Feiping Nie, and Heng Huang

DM360 “Compressing Random Forests”
Amichai Painsky and Saharon Rosset

DM365 “The Development of a Smart Taxicab Scheduling System: A Multi-Source Data Fusion Perspective”
Yang Wang, Binxin Liang, Zheng Wei, Liusheng Huang, and Hengchang Liu

DM378 “Dynamic Poisson Factor Analysis”
Yizhe Zhang, Ricardo Henao, and Lawrence Carin

DM379 “Learning Supervised Binary Hashing: Optimization vs Diversity”
Ramin Raziperchikolaei and Miguel Carreira-Perpinan

DM380 “Feature Grouping using Weighted l1 norm for High-Dimensional Data”
Bhanukiran Vinzamuri, Karthik Padthe, and Chandan Reddy

DM390 “Structure Selection for Convolutive Non-negative Matrix Factorization Using Normalized Maximum Likelihood Coding”
Atsushi Suzuki, Kohei Miyaguchi, and Kenji Yamanishi

DM396 “Multi-Type Co-clustering of General Heterogeneous Information Networks”
Xianchao Zhang, Haixin Li, Wenxin Liang, and Jiebo Luo

DM421 “Efficient and Distributed Algorithms for Large-Scale Generalized Canonical Correlations Analysis”
Xiao Fu, Kejun Huang, Evangelos Papalexakis, Hyun Ah Song, Partha Talukdar, Nicholas Sidiropoulos, Christos Faloutsos, and Tom Mitchell

DM433 “Functional Regression with Mode-Sparsity Constraint”
Pei Yang and Jingrui He

DM434 “Scalable Block Scheduling for Efficient Multi-Database Record Linkage”
Thilina Ranbaduge, Dinusha Vatsalan, and Peter Christen

DM442 “Cut Tree Construction from Massive Graphs”
Takuya Akiba, Yoichi Iwata, Yosuke Sameshima, Naoto Mizuno, and Yosuke Yano

DM446 “Semi-Supervised Multi-Label Dimensionality Reduction” 

Baolin Guo, Chenping Hou, Feiping Nie, and Dongyun Yi

DM456 “Spell: Streaming Parsing of System Event Logs”
Min Du and Feifei Li

DM464 “HLGPS: A Home Location Global Positioning System in Location-Based Social Networks”
Yulong Gu, Jiaxing Song, Weidong Liu, and Lixin Zou

DM471 “Reliable Semi-supervised Learning”
Junming Shao, Chen Huang, Qinli Yang, and Guangchun Luo

DM481 “Personalized Ranking in Signed Networks using Signed Random Walk with Restart”
Jinhong Jung, Woojeong Jin, Sael Lee, and U Kang

DM489 “Efficient Algorithms for the Three Locus Problem in Genome-wide Association Study”
Sanguthevar Rajasekaran and Subrata Saha

DM490 “MeGS: Partitioning Meaningful Subgraph Structures using Minimum Description Length”
Sebastian Goebl, Annika Tonch, Christian Böhm, and Claudia Plant

DM529 “Topic Discovery for Short Texts Using Word Embeddings”
Guangxu Xun, Vishrawas Gopalakrishnan, Fenglong Ma, Yaliang Li, Jing Gao, and Aidong Zhang

DM533 “Meta Analyses for Dynamic Contextual Multi Arm Bandits in Display Advertisement”
Hongxia Yang and Quan Lu

DM537 “Sequential Ensemble Learning for Outlier Detection: A Bias-Variance Perspective”
Shebuti Rayana, Wen Zhong, and Leman Akoglu

DM559 “Second-order Online Active Learning and Its Applications”
Shuji Hao, Peilin Zhao, Jing Lu, Steven C.H. Hoi, and Chunyan Miao

DM562 “Scalable Discrete Supervised Hash Learning with Asymmetric Matrix Factorization”
Shifeng Zhang, Jianmin Li, Jinma Guo, and Bo Zhang

DM565 “Interpretable Clustering via Discriminative Rectangle Mixture Model”
Junxiang Chen, Yale Chang, Brian Hobbs, Peter Castaldi, Michael Cho, Edwin Silverman, and Jennifer Dy

DM568 “Improved and Scalable Bradley-Terry Model for Collaborative Ranking” 
Jun Hu and Ping li

DM575 “Selecting Valuable Customers for Merchants in E-commerce Platforms”
Yijun Wang, Le Wu, Zongda Wu, Enhong Chen, and Qi Liu

DM577 “Self-Grouping Multi-Network Clustering”
Jingchao Ni, Wei Cheng, Wei Fan, and Xiang Zhang

DM589 “Service Usage Analysis in Mobile Messaging Apps: A Multi-Label Multi-View Perspective”
Hui Xiong, Junming Liu, Xinjiang Lu, Yanjie Fu, and Xiaolin Li

DM593 “Mining Summaries for Knowledge Graph Search”
Qi Song, Yinghui Wu and Xin Luna Dong

DM601 “A Semi-supervised AUC Optimization Method with Generative Models”
Akinori Fujino and Naonori Ueda

DM602 “ROM: A Robust Online Multi-Task Learning Approach”
Chi Zhang, Peilin Zhao, Shuji Hao, Yeng Chai Soh, and Bu Sung Lee

DM603 “Foundations of Perturbation Robust Clustering”
Jarrod Moore and Margareta Ackerman

DM626 “Patterns in Cognitive Rehabilitation of Traumatic Brain Injury Patients: A Text Mining Approach”
Alejandro Garcia-Rudolph, Alberto Garcia-Molina, Eloy Opisso, and Josep Maria Tormos

DM666 “A combinatorial approach to role discovery”
Albert Arockiasamy, Aristides Gionis, and Nikolaj Tatti

DM669 “A Theoretical Analysis of the Fuzzy K-Means Problem”
Johannes Blömer, Sascha Brauer, and Kathrin Bujna

DM676 “Multi-Label Learning with Emerging New Labels”
Yue Zhu, Kai-Ming Ting, and Zhi-Hua Zhou

DM679 “Product-based Neural Networks for User Response Prediction”
Yanru Qu, Han Cai, Kan Ren, Weinan Zhang, and Yong Yu

DM691 “Budgeted Batch Bayesian Optimization”
Vu Nguyen, Santu Rana, Sunil Gupta, Cheng Li, and Svetha Venkatesh

DM692 “Learning Compatibility Across Categories for Heterogeneous Item Recommendation”
Ruining He, Charles Packer, and Julian McAuley

DM694 “Faster Kernels for Graphs with Continuous Attributes via Hashing”
Christopher Morris, Nils M. Kriege, Kristian Kersting, and Petra Mutzel

DM703 “One-pass Logistic Regression for Label-drift and Large-scale Classification on Distributed Systems”
Vu Nguyen, Tu Dinh Nguyen, Trung Le, Dinh Phung, and Svetha Venkatesh

DM708 “A Fast Distributed Classification Algorithm for Large-scale Imbalanced Data”
Huihui Wang, Yang Gao, Yinghuan Shi, and Hao Wang

DM725 “A Novel Uncertainty Sampling Algorithm for Cost-sensitive Multiclass Active Learning”
Kuan-Hao Huang and Hsuan-Tien Lin

DM729 “Towards Scalable Network Delay Minimization”
Sourav Medya, Petko Bogdanov, and Ambuj K Singh

DM732 “Bayesian Rule Sets for Interpretable Classification”
Tong Wang, Cynthia Rudin, Finale Doshi-Velez, Yimin Liu, Erica Klampfl, and Perry MacNeille

DM745 “Concept based Short Text Stream Classification with Topic Drifting Detection”
Peipei Li, Lu He, Xuegang Hu, Yuhong Zhang, Lei Li, and Xindong Wu

DM748 “Can Active Learning Experience Be Transferred?”
Hong-Min Chu and Hsuan-Tien Lin

DM749 “Multi-View Clustering via Concept Factorization with Local Manifold Regularization”
Hao Wang, Yan Yang, and Tianrui Li

DM773 “Time-Aware User Identification with Topic Models”
Clément Lesaege, François Schnitzler, Anne Lambert, and Jean-Ronan Vigouroux

DM789 “Probabilistic Formulations of Regression with Mixed Guidance”
Aubrey Gress and Ian Davidson

DM817 “A Scalable Framework for Stylometric Analysis Query Processing”
Sarana Nutanong, chenyun YU, Raheem Sarwar, Peter Xu, and Dickson Chow

DM818 “Whether this participant will attract you to this event? Exploiting Participant Influence for Event Recommendation”
Yi Liao, Xinshi Lin, and Wai Lam

DM864 “Asymptotic Analysis of Equivalences and Core-Structures in Kronecker-Style Graph Models”
Alex Chin, Timothy Goodrich, Michael O’Brien, Felix Reidl, Blair Sullivan, and Drew van der Poel

DM875 “A Robust Framework for Classifying Evolving Document Streams in an Expert-Machine-Crowd Setting”
Muhammad Imran, Sanjay Chawla, and Carlos Castillo

DM877 “Toward Time-Evolving Feature Selection on Dynamic Networks”
Jundong Li, Xia Hu, Ling Jian, and Huan Liu

DM881 “Detecting Change Processes in Dynamic Networks by Frequent Graph Evolution Rule Mining”
Erik Scharwaechter, Emmanuel Mueller, Jonathan Donges, Marwan Hassani, and Thomas Seidl

DM892 “DeBot: Twitter Bot Detection via Warped Correlation”
Nikan Chavoshi, Hossein Hamooni, and Abdullah Mueen

DM893 “Incorporating Expert Feedback into Active Anomaly Discovery”
Shubhomoy Das, Weng-Keen Wong, Thomas Dietterich, Alan Fern, and Andrew Emmott

DM897 “Incorporating Pre-Training in Long Short-Term Memory Networks for Tweets Classification”
Shuhan Yuan, Xintao Wu, and Yang Xiang

DM922 “Efficient Sampling-Based Kernel Mean Matching”
Swarup Chandra, Ahsanul Haque, Latifur Khan, and Charu Aggarwal

DM925 “Outlier Detection from Network Data with Subnetwork Interpretation”
Xuan-Hong Dang, Arllei Silva, Ambuj K Singh, Prithwish Basu, and Ananthram Swami

DM933 “Deep Convolutional Factor Analyser for Multivariate Time Series Modeling”
Chao Yuan

DM938 “Gaussian Component based Index for GMMs”
linfei zhou, Bianca Wackersreuther, Frank Fiedler, Claudia Plant, and Christian Boehm

DM945 “Learning Deep Networks from Noisy Labels with Dropout Regularization”
Ishan Jindal, Matthew Nokleby, and Xuewen Chen

DM972 “Robust Convex Clustering Analysis”
Qi Wang, Pinghua Gong, Shiyu Chang, Thomas Huang, and Jiayu Zhou

DM985 “Canonical Consistent Weighted Sampling for Real-Value Weighted Min-Hash”
Wei Wu, Bin Li, Ling Chen, and Chengqi Zhang

DM995 “HNP3: A Hierarchical Nonparametric Point Process for modeling Content Diffusion over Social Media”
SeyedAbbas Hosseini, Ali Khodadadi, Ali Arabzadeh, and Hamid R. Rabiee

DM997 “Online Unsupervised Multi-view Feature Selection”
Weixiang Shao, Lifang He, Chun-Ta Lu, Xiaokai Wei, and Philip Yu

DM1005 “Background Check: A general technique to build more reliable and versatile classifiers”
Miquel Nieto, Telmo Silva Filho, Meelis Kull, and Peter Flach

DM1007 “HIVE-COTE: The Hierarchical Vote Collective of Transformation-based Ensembles for Time Series Classification”
Jason Lines, Sarah Taylor, and Anthony Bagnall

DM1026 “Optimizing the Multi-class F-measure via Biconcave Programming”
Weiwei Pan, Harikrishna Narasimhan, Purushottam Kar, Pavlos Protopapas, and Harish Ramaswamy

DM1028 “Learning from your network of friends: a trajectory representation learning model based on online social ties”
Basma Alharbi and Xiangliang Zhang

DM1044 “Sparse Gaussian Markov Random Field Mixtures for Anomaly Detection”
Tsuyoshi Ide, Ankush Khandelwal, and Jayant Kalagnanam

DM1055 “Modeling Knowledge Diffusion with Time Lags in Citation Networks”
Tao-yang Fu, Zhen Lei, and Wang-Chien Lee

DM1056 “Direct Mining of Subjectively Interesting Relational Patterns”
Tias Guns, Achille Aknin, Jefrey Lijffijt, and Tijl De Bie

DM1058 “Low-Rank Sparse Feature Selection for Patient Similarity Learning”
Mengting Zhan, Shilei Cao, Shiyu Chang, Jishang Wei, and Buyue Qian

DM1062 “Event Grounding from Multimodal Social Network Fusion”
Hyunsouk Cho, Jinyoung Yeo, and Seung-won Hwang

DM1066 “Spectrum-Revealing Cholesky Factorization for Kernel Methods”
Jianwei Xiao and Ming Gu

DM1076 “Large-Scale Embedding Learning in Heterogeneous Event Data”
Huan Gui, Jialu Liu, Fangbo Tao, Meng Jiang, Brandon Norick, and Jiawei Han

DM1084 “A Rotation Invariant Latent Factor Model for Moveme Discovery from Static Poses”
Matteo Ruggero Ronchi, Joon Sik Kim, and Yisong Yue

DM1093 “House Price Modeling over Heterogeneous Regions with Hierarchical Spatial Functional Analysis”
Bang Liu, Borislalv Mavrin, Di Niu, and Linglong Kong

DM1097 “ExploreKit: Automatic Feature Generation and Selection”
Gilad Katz, Richard Shin, and Dawn Song

DM1106 “Mining Statistically Significant Attribute Associations in Attributed Graphs”
Jihwan Lee, Keehwan Park, and Sunil Prabhakar

DM1117 “Sublinear Dual Coordinate Ascent for Regularized Loss Minimization”
liu liu and Dacheng Tao

S40204 “TENET: A Machine Learning-based System for Target Characterization in Signaling Networks”
Huey Eng Chua, Sourav S Bhowmick, Lisa Tucker-Kellogg, and C Forbes Dewey, Jr

S40205  “FacetsViewer: A Tool for Multi-faceted Decomposition of Complex Networks”
Boon Siew Seah, Sourav S Bhowmick, Huey Eng Chua, Mengxuan Chen, and C Forbes Dewey, Jr

S40206 “Financial Data Analysis with PGMs using AMIDST”
Rafael Cabañas, Ana M. Martínez, Andrés R. Masegosa, Darí­o Ramos-López, Antonio Salmerón, Thomas D. Nielsen, Helge Langseth, and Anders L. Madsen

S40210  “MobInsight: Understanding Urban Mobility with Crowd-powered Neighborhood Characterizations”
Souneil Park, Marc Bourqui, Enrique Frias-Martinez, and Nuria Oliver

S40211  “Explode: An Extensible Platform for Differentially Private Data Analysis”
Emir Esmerdag, Mehmet Emre Gursoy, Ali Inan, and Yucel Saygin

S40212  “LSHDB: A Parallel and Distributed Engine for Record Linkage and Similarity Search”
Dimitrios Karapiperis, Aris Gkoulalas-Divanis, and Vassilios Verykios

S40215  “Risk Mining: Company-Risk Identification from Unstructured Sources”
Timothy Nugent and Jochen Leidner

S40216 “SpreadViz: Analytics and Visualization of Spreading Processes in Social Networks”
Konstantinos Skianis, Maria-Evgenia Rossi, Fragkiskos Malliaros, and Michalis Vazirgiannis

S40219 “Graph Mining for Complex Data Analytics”
André Petermann, Martin Junghanns, and Erhard Rahm

S40220 “airVLC: An application for visualizing wind-sensitive interpolation of urban air pollution forecasts”
Lidia Contreras-Ochando and Cèsar Ferri

S40221  “Informed Design Platform: Interpreting “Big Data”  to Adaptive Place Designs”
Linlin You and Bige Tuncer

S40223  “Cognito: Automated Feature Engineering for Supervised Learning”
Udayan Khurana, Deepak Turaga, Horst Samulowitz, and Srinivasan Parthasarathy

S40225   “DFA-G: A Unified Programming Model for Vertex-centric Parallel Graph Processing”
Bo Suo

S40226 “A Formation Energy Predictor for Crystalline Materials Using Ensemble Data Mining”
Ankit Agrawal, Bryce Meredig, Chris Wolverton, and Alok Choudhary

S40227 “Five Year Life Expectancy Calculator for Older Adults”
Ankit Agrawal, Jason Mathias, David Baker, and Alok Choudhary

S40228  “PaTSI: Pattern mining of time series of satellite images in KNIME”
Maxime Collin, Frederic Flouvat, and Nazha Selmaoui-Folcher

DM439 “A Novel Bayesian Ensemble Pruning Method”
Zhengshen Jiang, Hongzhi Liu, Bin Fu, and Zhonghai Wu

DM474 “Improving the Prediction Cost of Drift Handling Algorithms by Abstaining”
Pierre-Xavier Loeffel, Vincent Lemaire, Christophe Marsala, and Marcin Detyniecki

DM747 “Hidden Structures at a Glance”
Remy Dautriche, Alexandre Termier, Renaud Blanch, and Miguel Santana

DM928 “Centrality-based Approach for Supervised Term Weighting”
Niloofer Shanavas, Hui Wang, Zhiwei Lin, and Glenn Hawe

S22201 “Infer Mobility Patterns and Social Dynamics for Modelling Human Behaviour”
Luca Luceri

S22202 “Subspace Clustering Ensembles through Tensor Decomposition”
Dominik Mautz, Christian Böhm, and Claudia Plant

S22203 “Clustering with the Levy Walk: ‘Hunting’ for Clusters”
Benjamin Schelling and Claudia Plant

S22204 “Regression techniques for modelling conception in seasonally calving dairy cows”
Caroline Fenlon, Luke O’Grady, Michael Doherty, Stephen Butler, Laurence Shalloo, and John Dunnion

S22205 “A Semi-Supervised Ensemble Approach for Multi-Label Learning”
Ouadie Gharroudi, Haytham Elghazel, and Alex Aussem

S22206 “Generating Informative Summary of Social Image Search Result”
Sheetal Takale and Prakash Kulkarni

S22208 “Applying Deep Learning to Stereotypical Motor Movement Detection in Autism Spectrum Disorders”
Nastaran Mohammadian Rad and Cesare Furlanello

S22210 “Similarity Tree Pruning: a novel dynamic ensemble selection approach”
Anil Narassiguin, Haytham Elghazel, and Alex Aussem

S22211 “A novel pre-classification based kNN algorithm”
Huahua Xie, Dong Liang, Hao Jin, Zhaojing Zhang, and Shizhan Lan

S22213 “Sacrificing overall classification quality to improve classification accuracy of well-sought classes”
Kevin Amaral, Ping Chen, Wei Ding, and Rajani Sadasivam

ICDM 2016