Session B6: Biomedical

15 Dec 2016
Room A2+A3

Session B6: Biomedical

Session Chair: Shinici Morishita (University of Tokyo, Japan)


DM807 “Predicting COPD Failure by Modeling Hazard in Longitudinal Clinical Data”
Jianfei Zhang, Shengrui Wang, Josiane Courteau, Lifei Chen, and Alain Vanasse

DM1060 “Measuring Patient Similarities via A Deep Architecture with Medical Concept Embedding”
Zihao Zhu, Changchang Yin, Yu Cheng, Jishang Wei, and Buyue Qian

DM1104 “New Probabilistic Multi-Graph Decomposition Model to Identify Consistent Human Brain Network Modules”
Heng Huang

DM373 “Transfer Learning for Survival Analysis via Efficient L2,1-norm Regularized Cox Regression”
Yan Li, Lu Wang, Jie Wang, Jieping Ye, and Chandan Reddy

DM932 “New Robust Clustering Model for Identifying Cancer Genome Landscapes”
hongchang gao, Xiaoqian Wang, and Heng Huang


DM489 “Efficient Algorithms for the Three Locus Problem in Genome-wide Association Study”
Sanguthevar Rajasekaran and Subrata Saha

DM626 “Patterns in Cognitive Rehabilitation of Traumatic Brain Injury Patients: A Text Mining Approach”
Alejandro Garcia-Rudolph, Alberto Garcia-Molina, Eloy Opisso, and Josep Maria Tormos

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