Session C8: Semi-supervised and Active Learning

15 Dec 2016
Room A4

Session C8: Semi-supervised and Active Learning

Session Chair: Min-Ling Zhang (Southeast University, China)


DM500 “Adaptive Neighborhood Propagation by Joint L2,1-norm Regularized Sparse Coding for Representation and Classification”
Lei Jia, Zhao Zhang, Lei Wang, Weiming Jiang, and Mingbo Zhao

DM856 “An Augmented LSTM Framework to Construct Medical Self-diagnosis Android”
Chaochun Liu, Huan Sun, Nan Du, Shulong Tan, Hongliang Fei, Wei Fan, Tao Yang, Hao Wu, Yaliang Li, and Chenwei Zhang


DM446 “Semi-Supervised Multi-Label Dimensionality Reduction”
Baolin Guo, Chenping Hou, Feiping Nie, and Dongyun Yi

DM471 “Reliable Semi-supervised Learning”
Junming Shao, Chen Huang, Qinli Yang, and Guangchun Luo

DM601 “A Semi-supervised AUC Optimization Method with Generative Models”
Akinori Fujino and Naonori Ueda

DM725 “A Novel Uncertainty Sampling Algorithm for Cost-sensitive Multiclass Active Learning”
Kuan-Hao Huang and Hsuan-Tien Lin

DM748 “Can Active Learning Experience Be Transferred?”
Hong-Min Chu and Hsuan-Tien Lin

DM893 “Incorporating Expert Feedback into Active Anomaly Discovery”
Shubhomoy Das, Weng-Keen Wong, Thomas Dietterich, Alan Fern, and Andrew Emmott

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