Session A2: Clustering

13 Dec 2016

Session A2: Clustering

Session Chair: Pauli Mittinen (MPI, Germany)


DM737 “Generalized Independent Subspace Clustering”
Wei Ye, Samuel Maurus, Nina Hubig, and Claudia Plant

DM1021 “Robust Graph-theoretic Clustering Approaches Using Node-Based Resilience Measures”
John Matta, Jeffrey Borwey, Tayo Obafemi-Ajayi, Donald Wunsch, and Gunes Ercal


DM396 “Multi-Type Co-clustering of General Heterogeneous Information Networks”
Xianchao Zhang, Haixin Li, Wenxin Liang, and Jiebo Luo

DM565 “Interpretable Clustering via Discriminative Rectangle Mixture Model”
Junxiang Chen, Yale Chang, Brian Hobbs, Peter Castaldi, Michael Cho, Edwin Silverman, and Jennifer Dy

DM577 “Self-Grouping Multi-Network Clustering”
Jingchao Ni, Wei Cheng, Wei Fan, and Xiang Zhang

DM669 “A Theoretical Analysis of the Fuzzy K-Means Problem”
Johannes Blömer, Sascha Brauer, and Kathrin Bujna

DM749 “Multi-View Clustering via Concept Factorization with Local Manifold Regularization”
Hao Wang, Yan Yang, and Tianrui Li

DM972 “Robust Convex Clustering Analysis”
Qi Wang, Pinghua Gong, Shiyu Chang, Thomas Huang, and Jiayu Zhou

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