Session A4: Theory

14 Dec 2016

Session A4: Theory

Session Chair: Aris Gionis (Aalto University, Finland)


DM969 “From Sets of Good Redescriptions to Good Sets of Redescriptions”
Janis Kalofolias, Esther Galbrun, and Pauli Miettinen

DM799 “What Will You Gain By Rounding: Theory and Algorithms for Rounding Rank”
Stefan Neumann, Rainer Gemulla, and Pauli Miettinen

DM960 “ADAGIO: Fast Data-aware Near-Isometric Linear Embeddings”
Jaroslaw Blasiok and Charalampos Tsourakakis

DM1003 “Aligned Matrix Completion: Integrating Consistency and Independency in Multiple Domains”
Linli Xu and Zaiyi Chen

DM1037 “Communities in Preference Networks: Refined Axioms and Beyond”
Gang Zeng, Yuyi Wang, Juhua Pu, Xingwu Liu, Xiaoming Sun, and Jialin Zhang


DM603 “Foundations of Perturbation Robust Clustering”
Jarrod Moore and Margareta Ackerman

DM360 “Compressing Random Forests”
Amichai Painsky and Saharon Rosset

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