Session A7: Graphs 2

15 Dec 2016

Session A7: Graphs 2

Session Chair: Esther Galbrun (INRIA, France)


DM422 “On Dense Subgraphs in Signed Network Streams”
Jose Cadena, Anil Vullikanti, and Charu Aggarwal

DM1059 “Graph-Structured Sparse Optimization for Connected Subgraph Detection”
Baojian Zhou and Feng Chen

DM762 “Hyperbolae Are No Hyperbole: Modelling Communities That Are Not Cliques”
Saskia Metzler, Stephan Günnemann, and Pauli Miettinen


DM223 “Efficient and scalable detection of overlapping communities in big networks”
Tianshu Lyu, Lidong Bing, Zhao Zhang, and Yan Zhang

DM593 “Mining Summaries for Knowledge Graph Search”
Qi Song, Yinghui Wu and Xin Luna Dong

DM490 “MeGS: Partitioning Meaningful Subgraph Structures using Minimum Description Length”
Sebastian Goebl, Annika Tonch, Christian Böhm, and Claudia Plant

DM1028 “Learning from your network of friends: a trajectory representation learning model based on online social ties”
Basma Alharbi and Xiangliang Zhang

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