Session B2: Recommender Systems

13 Dec 2016
Room A2+A3

Session B2: Recommender Systems

Session Chair: Nuria Oliver (Data-Pop Alliance, Spain)


DM554 “Efficient Rectangular Maximal-Volume Algorithm for Rating Elicitation in Collaborative Filtering”
Alexander Fonarev, Alexander Mikhalev, Gleb Gusev, Ivan Oseledets, and Pavel Serdyukov

DM635 “Recommending Packages to Groups”
Shuyao Qi, Nikos Mamoulis, Evaggelia Pitoura, and Panayiotis Tsaparas

DM663 “Fusing Similarity Models with Markov Chains for Sparse Sequential Recommendation”
Ruining He and Julian McAuley


DM282 “Context-aware Sequential Recommendation”
Qiang Liu, Shu Wu, and Liang Wang

DM692 “Learning Compatibility Across Categories for Heterogeneous Item Recommendation”
Ruining He, Charles Packer, and Julian McAuley

DM773 “Time-Aware User Identification with Topic Models”
Clément Lesaege, François Schnitzler, Anne Lambert, and Jean-Ronan Vigouroux

DM818 “Whether this participant will attract you to this event? Exploiting Participant Influence for Event Recommendation”
Yi Liao, Xinshi Lin, and Wai Lam

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