Session B5: Feature Selection

14 Dec 2016
Room A2+A3

Session B5: Feature Selection

Session Chair: Miguel A. Carreira-Perpinan (UC Merced, USA)


DM327 “Robust Multi-View Feature Selection”
Hongfu Liu, Haiyi Mao, and Yun Fu

DM787 “A Fast Iterative Algorithm for Improved Unsupervised Feature Selection”
Bruno Ordozgoiti, Sandra Gómez Canaval, and Alberto Mozo

DM1065 “Unsupervised Feature Selection for Outlier Detection by Modelling Hierarchical Value-Feature Couplings”
Guansong Pang, Longbing Cao, Ling Chen, and Huan Liu


DM380 “Feature Grouping using Weighted l1 norm for High-Dimensional Data”
Bhanukiran Vinzamuri, Karthik Padthe, and Chandan Reddy

DM877 “Toward Time-Evolving Feature Selection on Dynamic Networks”
Jundong Li, Xia Hu, Ling Jian, and Huan Liu

DM997 “Online Unsupervised Multi-view Feature Selection”
Weixiang Shao, Lifang He, Chun-Ta Lu, Xiaokai Wei, and Philip Yu

DM1097 “ExploreKit: Automatic Feature Generation and Selection”
Gilad Katz, Richard Shin, and Dawn Song

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