Session C1: Urban and mobility data

13 Dec 2016
Room A4

Session C1: Urban and mobility data

Session Chair: Charu Aggarwal (IBM Research, USA)


DM525 “Unsupervised Exceptional Attributed Sub-graph Mining in Urban Data”
Anes Bendimerad, Marc Plantevit, and Céline Robardet

DM535 “POI Recommendation: A Temporal Matching between POI Popularity and User Regularity”
Zijun Yao, Yanjie Fu, Bin Liu, Yanchi Liu, and Hui Xiong

DM649 “The Optimal Distribution of Electric-Vehicle Chargers across A City”
Chen Liu, Ke Deng, Chaojie Li, Jianxin Li, Yanhua Li, and Jun Luo

DM1047 “Relief of Spatiotemporal Accessibility Overloading with Optimal Resource Placement”
Chien-Wei Chang, Hao-Yi Chih, Dean Chou, Yu-Chen Shu, and Kun-Ta Chuang


DM365 “The Development of a Smart Taxicab Scheduling System: A Multi-Source Data Fusion Perspective”
Yang Wang, Binxin Liang, Zheng Wei, Liusheng Huang, and Hengchang Liu

DM291 “Regularized Content-Aware Tensor Factorization Meets Temporal-Aware Location Recommendation”
Defu Lian, Zhengyu Zhang, Yong Ge, Fuzheng Zhang, Nicholas Jing Yuan, and Xing Xie

DM268 “Modeling Real Estate for School District Identification”
Fei Tan, Chaoran Cheng, and Zhi Wei

DM1093 “House Price Modeling over Heterogeneous Regions with Hierarchical Spatial Functional Analysis”
Bang Liu, Borislalv Mavrin, Di Niu, and Linglong Kong

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