Session C2: Events and Social

13 Dec 2016
Room A4

Session C2: Events and Social

Session Chair: Leman Akoglu (CMU, USA)


DM544 “Multi-resolution Spatial Event Forecasting in Social Media”
Liang Zhao, Feng Chen, Chang-Tien Lu, and Naren Ramakrishnan

DM949 “Event Series Prediction via Non-Homogeneous Poisson Process Modelling”
James Goulding, Simon Preston, and Gavin Smith


DM729 “Towards Scalable Network Delay Minimization”
Sourav Medya, Petko Bogdanov, and Ambuj K Singh

DM881 “Detecting Change Processes in Dynamic Networks by Frequent Graph Evolution Rule Mining”
Erik Scharwaechter, Marwan Hassani, Emmanuel Mueller, Thomas Seidl, and Jonathan Donges

DM892 “DeBot: Twitter Bot Detection via Warped Correlation”
Nikan Chavoshi, Hossein Hamooni, and Abdullah Mueen

DM1055 “Modeling Knowledge Diffusion with Time Lags in Citation Networks”
Tao-yang Fu, Zhen Lei, and Wang-Chien Lee

DM1062 “Event Grounding from Multimodal Social Network Fusion”
Hyunsouk Cho, Jinyoung Yeo, and Seung-won Hwang

DM1076 “Large-Scale Embedding Learning in Heterogeneous Event Data”
Huan Gui, Jialu Liu, Fangbo Tao, Meng Jiang, Brandon Norick, and Jiawei Han

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