PhD Forum

12 Dec 2016
Room S2

PhD Forum

Student presentations

“Improving the Prediction Cost of Drift Handling Algorithms by Abstaining”
Pierre-Xavier Loeffel, Vincent Lemaire, Christophe Marsala, and Marcin Detyniecki

“Hidden Structures at a Glance”
Remy Dautriche, Alexandre Termier, Renaud Blanch, and Miguel Santana

“Centrality-based Approach for Supervised Term Weighting”
Niloofer Shanavas, Hui Wang, Zhiwei Lin, and Glenn Hawe

“Applying Deep Learning to Stereotypical Motor Movement Detection in Autism Spectrum Disorders”
Nastaran Mohammadian Rad and Cesare Furlanello

“Regression techniques for modelling conception in seasonally calving dairy cows”
Caroline Fenlon, Luke O’Grady, Michael Doherty, Stephen Butler, Laurence Shalloo, and John Dunnion

“Sacrificing overall classification quality to improve classification accuracy of well-sought classes”
Kevin Amaral, Ping Chen, Wei Ding, and Rajani Sadasivam

“Generating Informative Summary of Social Image Search Result”
Sheetal Takale and Prakash Kulkarni
ICDM 2016