Workshop Sessions

12 Dec 2016

Workshop Sessions

Full-Day Workshops

DaMNet Data Mining in Networks. Workshop Chair/s: Giuseppe Di Fatta. Room A2.

DMHAA Data Mining in Human Activity Analysis. Workshop Chair/s: Weifeng Liu. Room S3. 

DMS Data Mining for ServiceWorkshop Chair/s: Katsutoshi Yada and Shusaku Tsumoto. Room S5. 

DSBDA Data Science and Big Data AnalyticsWorkshop Chair/s: Xiaolong Jin. Room A1. 

MoDAT Data Market for Co-evolution of Sciences and BusinessWorkshop Chair/s: Jun Nakamura and Yukio Ohsawa. Room S7. 

SENTIRE Sentiment Elicitation from Natural Text for Information Retrieval and ExtractionWorkshop Chair/s: Erik Cambria. Room S4. 

SSTDM Spatial and Spatiotemporal Data MiningWorkshop Chair/s: Raju Vatsavai. Room S12. 

Half-day Workshops 

DAPS Data mining for the Analysis of Performance and SuccessWorkshop Chair/s: Luca Pappalardo, Paolo Cintia and Roberta Sinatra. Room S6. 

DMBIH Data Mining in Biomedical Informatics and HealthcareWorkshop Chair/s: José D. Martín-Guerrero and Paulo J. G. Lisboa (keynote speaker). Room S9. 

DMED I Data Mining in Emerging Domains IWorkshop Chair/s: Cèsar Ferri and Fabio Mazzarella. Room S11. 

  • DWA Data Wrangling Automation
  • MDDM Maritime Domain Data Mining

HDM High Dimensional Data MiningWorkshop Chair/s: Ata Kaban. Room A4. 

PDDM Privacy and Discrimination in Data MiningWorkshop Chair/s: Sara Hajian, Tamir Tassa and Yucel Saygin. Room A3. 

SOMERIS Social Media and RiskWorkshop Chair/s: Fragkiskos Malliaros and Michalis Vazirgiannis. Room S10. 

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